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What Closest Hotels to Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport has two terminals, named North and South which are connected by a free rail service.  You have six accommodation options within walking distance of both  terminals

At the South, Terminal is the Hilton Gatwick, Bloc Hotel and the Yotel 

At the North, Terminal are the Sofitel, Hilton by Hampton and the Premier Inn North Terminal. 



How to Book Hotels at Gatwick

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 What Are The Cheapest Hotels at Gatwick Airport?

The only budget option within walking distance of Gatwick North terminal is the The Premier Inn. 

At the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport, the Yotel Gatwick offers Japanese-style cabins at a similar budget price which can be a great option. 

If looking for something much cheaper, check out the towns of Horley and Crawley. 


To find the cheapest accomdation at Gatwick Airport check out



 Great Value Hotels at Gatwick Airport?

Three great options when looking for a good value hotel at Gatwick Airport are the following;

Premier Inn, this is a  high-quality chain has competitive pricing with the great value offered. At Gatwick Airport, Premier Inn has four hotels, two of them are reachable walking. 

Travelodge at Gatwick has been found to often have some of the cheapest rates at Gatwick Airport when you book online. You will that Travelodge is a more basic hotel when compared to the Premier Inn

The Ibis Gatwick is another chain hotel at Gatwick Airport that can be worth-while to check out. You can find some cheap online purchases if you book in advance.

Your best bet is to check from price comparison 







 What Are The High-End Hotels at Luton Airport?

The Gatwick Hilton is near to the South Terminal

The Sofitel Gatwick and the Hilton by Hampton Gatwick are near to the North Terminal.

These three hotels are full-service luxury hotels which delivery some of the best service. 

Another lovely hotel outside Gatwick Airport is the Aroara Hotel Crawley or Gravetye Manor. 

To find the most luxiours hotel at Gatwick Airport check out




 What Sort of Hotels Are in Luton Town Centre?

There is a large selection of hotels in Luton Town Centre which is only a few km for Luton Airport.There is a much wider range of accommodation in Luton Town Centre ranging from full-service luxury and boutique hotels through to apartment studios, budget places and some Airbnb options









 Can I Get A Hotel Shuttle to Gatwick Airport?

You will find that most hotels at Gatwick Airport do have a hotel shuttle service. Fares can vary however they are usually around £3-£5 range per person each way with discounts for children, couples and families. A taxi is in can range from $7-£12, which can end up being cheaper for a large group. 



Finding Resturants & Shops Around Gatwick Airport?

Horley, is a small  town  north of the airport where you can find everything from small bed and breakfast to larger chain hotels. You will also find a good range of supermarkets, pubs & resturants in Horley. 

Crawley is a larger town  to the south of the airport here you can find everything from small bed and breakfast to larger chain hotels.  You will also find a good range of supermarkets, pubs & resturants in Horley. 

 Do The Prices Change Depending on The Season?

All of the accommodation at Gatwick Airport is seasonal. During the summer you will find the prices much higher than winter. Your best best is look at for the best deal.