Transport Between Stansted Airport And London

Stansted Airport - Central London transport options identified and compared

Stansted Airport is situated 38 miles (61 km) north of London. To make the best decision of what transport to use between London and Stansted Airport, first know your destination or departure point as it will reduce the duration of your journey aswell as the cost. 

Bus to Stansted Airport & London

The coach is the cheapest way to travel to between Stansted Airport and London. Prices are low, and there are many stops into Central London.  There are two competing operators offering some different routes. Peak hours traffic congestion can cause delays. Journey time is typically around 90 minutes at least double the journey time of the train alternative.

Expect to pay between £3 - £15 depending on how far in advance you book.

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Train Between Stansted Airport & London


The Stansted Express train is the most frequent and fastest Stansted Airport to Central London transport, Its quicker than the airport bus services and has a higher price point. 

Taking the Stansted Express means no chance 0f being caught in congestion and the station is conveniently located within Stansted Airport. 

Expect to pay £8 - £19 Expect to pay between depending on how far in advance you book

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Uber to Stansted Airport & London

Given the distance of Stansted Airport from Central London, the cheapest option for a private car is Uber to Stansted Airport & London

Expect to pay between £50- £80 Approx in UberX Via London Liverpool St (Excluding Surge Charges)

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Taxi From Stansted Airport & London

Stansted Airport London is around 38 miles north of Central London.

The familiar London black taxis are not available at Stansted as the airport is too far outside London.

24x7 have the franchise for the official taxi rank, they have a large desk as you come out into the public area on leaving arrivals. Other cheaper companies are available but you need to prebook these before travelling.

Expect to pay approximately £70 - £100 for taxis from Stansted Airport & London

Need Something to Eat At Stansted Aiport?

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